Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ)ΒΆ

The ATQ short form is a 77-item self-report questionnaire for adults (ages 18 and over) assessing constructs of temperament and personality. The measure includes constructs of effortful control, negative affect, extraversion/surgency, and orienting sensitivity. Participants are asked to rate how well the items describe them on a 7-point scale: 1-extremely untrue, 2-quite untrue, 3-slightly true, 4-neither true or false, 5-slightly true, 6-quite true, 7-extremely true.

Domains Assessed: Anxiety, Attention Problems and Hyperactivity, Depression and Mood, Personality Traits, Risk Taking and Impulsive Behavior, Social Interaction

Note: This self-assessment is given to participants ages 16-85 years old.

References: Evans, D.E., & Rothbart, M.K. (2007). Development of a model for adult temperament. Journal of Research in Personality, 41, 868-888.

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